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This crisis pertains to us in the U.S. not only from an humanitarian stand point, but the more the virus spreads, the more chances it has to mutate and create variants that could eventually resist current vaccines, threatening to undermine other countries' progress in containing the pandemic, so we need to act NOW.

Read more about India's crisis

SHEBA is now an official nonprofit organization and is here to support the community. I personally thank you in advance for your contributions and will share with you the donation records on Tuesday, May 11th.


President and Executive Director of SHEBA

India Needs Our Help

Dear sisters and supporters,

India is currently experiencing the worst COVID crisis since the beginning of the pandemic, with reports of 350,000 new daily cases and 2,800-plus deaths, and the country's healthcare system is on the brink of collapse.

What can we do to help?

SHEBA is collecting donations that will go towards supplying India with critical medical supplies to patients, supporting medical staff, and food for those in need. 

Any contribution you make will be appreciated and will go directly to UNICEF. As an additional incentive, we are donating our services and products to the cause:

$35 contribution- receive a shimmery SHEBA tank top
$45 contribution-  receive a SHEBA logo sports bra
$50 or more- receive a one-hour online private lesson with me (see terms and conditions below)

Terms and conditions for the private lessons

* Once you have sent your contribution of $50 or more you will be contacted to schedule your 60-minute online private lesson.
* One lesson per person
* Private lessons are available any day between Monday, May 3rd, and Monday May 10th, based on the instructor's and student's availability.
* You may gift the lesson to someone else

SHEBA Scholarship Fund

Since we initiated our program, we have helped many women heal and grow through belly dance and the support of the community, but not everyone has access to our resources. We believe every woman should have access to this empowering experience and be surrounded by supportive, welcoming women, so we have set up a scholarship fund for students who are unable to pay for classes and increase the diversity and inclusivity of our community.

A portion of all proceeds from our classes and workshops goes into the fund on a monthly basis.

If you would like to contribute to the fund or apply for the scholarship please contact us

SHEBA social activism

Pay it Forward

What goes around, comes around. You give to us and we pay it forward to those in need. We are proud to support causes and organizations that do good in the community and make a difference. With your participation in class we were able to donate a portion of the proceeds from all of our classes to a different organization each month.

Our monthly donations from now on go to the SHEBA Scholarship Fund.