Social Activism

Pay it Forward

What goes around, comes around. You give to us and we pay it forward to those in need. We are proud to support causes and organizations that do good in the community and make a difference. With your participation in class we are able to donate a portion of the proceeds from all of our classes to a different organization each month. 

So far we have donated to:

Beirut disaster relief funds

Black Lives Matter

Black Women's Health Imperative

Girl Trek

Pretty Brown Girl


SHEBA has partnered with the Move4Lebanon: Dancers for Humanitarian Aid to provide funds for disaster relief following the tragic explosion in Lebanon that left many people homeless and hungry. 

Large organizations take months to deliver funds and food to those in need, but in the meantime people need food and shelter now. They cannot wait months.
Move4Lebanon is working with locals on the ground to assure the funds go directly to families in order to help them rebuild.

We are dedicating proceeds from various classes at SHEBA to the movement. 

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