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Belly Dance Bachelorette

Bachelorette party belly dance

Belly Dance Bachelorette Party:

An Enchanting Experience 

Immerse Yourself in a World of Sparkle and Fun 

Step into a world of sparkle and fun with our Belly Dance Bachelorette parties! Immerse yourself in an enchanting atmosphere filled with vibrant colors and beautiful music for a unique experience that celebrates femininity and sisterhood. 


Our Belly Dance Bachelorette parties will transport you to distant lands where the air is fragrant with spices and roses. Hear the jingle of a coin hip scarf, taste the refreshment of mint tea on your tongue, and indulge your senses as you and your party dance to the high-energy beats of Middle Eastern music, guided by our expert SHEBA instructors. Feel amazing in your body as you learn the art of belly dance. Contact us now to get in touch with your femininity as you dance together with your sisters and celebrate.

What to Expect? 

Belly Dance Activity 

Experience the thrill of a belly dance lesson followed by a captivating mini-show by our professional instructor. This fun and unique activity is perfect for bonding with your friends, moving your body, and celebrating your special occasion in a truly memorable way. 

Three-Course Authentic Moroccan Dinner  

After dancing, indulge in a three-course authentic Moroccan dinner. Enjoy the rich flavors and aromas of this exquisite cuisine, accompanied by fragrant Arabic coffee, mint tea, and honeyed baklava. This dining experience is designed to recharge and delight, making your celebration complete. 

Beautifully Decorated, Instagrammable Venue

Capture stunning photos and videos to cherish and share on your social media. 

Why Choose SHEBA? 

High-End Experience: Ideal for those looking to enjoy a memorable, upscale celebration at a great value.

Original Theme: Looking for something different? Our belly dance theme offers a fresh and exotic twist for your bachelorette party. 

All-Inclusive, Hassle-Free: Enjoy a full-service experience with everything taken care of, so you can focus on having fun. 

Celebrate Femininity: Our parties are designed to honor and celebrate femininity in a vibrant, colorful, and sparkly setting. 

Coin Hip Scarves and Dance Props Included: Just come with your party and dress cute- we'll provide the rest!!

Sounds amazing! How much? 

For a limited time, book our full Belly Dance Bachelorette party experience for the special price of $755 (originally $900) for up to 10 participants. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to create memories that will last a lifetime. Get ready to dance, sparkle, and celebrate in style! 


Contact Us Now to book your luxurious, sparkle-filled bachelorette party and embark on an unforgettable journey with your besties! 

Our Belly Dance Bachelorette parties will create memories that last a lifetime and are the perfect way to celebrate not just your special day but your friends and family. Get ready to dance, sparkle, and celebrate in style! 

belly dance in bachelorette party
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